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Zachary Lindesmith

Assistant Director of Academic Success

University of Akron

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Zach returned to his Alma Mater as the Assistant Director of Academic Success in October of 2022 and immediately jumped into the space where ASP meets diversity. Previously, Zach served as the Legal Clinic Outreach Coordinator with Equality Ohio, and was able to offer courses on LQBTQ+ issues.  He has taken that same passion for justice to Akron Law, where he has been instrumental in developing the ReBound Program for students who are retaking the bar exam.  Zach co-presented on the program in May at the AASE conference.

At Akron Law, Zach spends most of his time working with students who are preparing for the bar exam and teaches our Advanced Legal Applications course and administers our MBE course.  Zach also assisted in revamping Akron’s pre-law course, Fundamentals of Lawyering, where he focused on many of the skills that students will need to be successful law students.  Zach also sits on a committee which focuses on diversity.

Zach also presented at the AASE Diversity Conference, discussing ways to advocate for less able-bodied students in systems designed against them.  As a member of the AASE Diversity Committee, Zach also assisted in the planning and preparation for the Diversity Conference.