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Twinette Johnson

Professor of Law/Director of Academic Success

University of District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law

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Twinette Johnson has enjoyed a long successful career as an innovative teacher, contributing much to the Academic Success community. Twinette recently earned her Ph.D. in Public Policy, with a concentration in Implementation and Management, and an emphasis on Higher Education Policy. She finished her Ph.D. while working full-time as a Professor of Law and Director of Academic Success at the David A Clarke School of Law. As the superb educator she is, Twinette plans to draw upon her experience in pursuing her Ph.D. while working full time to design programs and curricula that better meet the needs of working students, while maintaining the necessary law school rigor.


Given her impressive accomplishments, not surprisingly, Twinette was recently selected (as one of the few representing the Academic Success community) to be a member of the National Conference of Bar Examiner’s Content Scope Committee for the Next Generation Bar Exam. She will represent the expertise of the Academic Success community well since in addition to her education and voluminous teaching experience, Twinette also recently co-authored a bar preparation book, Advanced Legal Analysis and Strategies.


Twinette grew up in New Orleans and attended an all-girls Catholic high school, which had its roots in the black community. The school reinforced that its students, as black young women, were worthy and special.  The school’s nuns presented a rigorous curriculum as well as a service oriented approach to community.  The nuns demanded hard work and instilled in students a desire to support others with their gifts – traits that continue to guide Twinette’ s path as an educator.


Twinette is an avid walker and a skillful Galaga player. She also recently learned to belly dance. Twinette is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, where she is now recognized as a Silver Star since celebrating her 25th year as a member.