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Tina Schindler

Associate Professor of Law

Western State College of Law

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Tina Schindler recently published an innovative bar preparation book, MBE Decoded. The book takes a fresh approach to MBE study, making the vast amount of MBE-tested rules manageable and understandable. The book includes rules for all MBE-tested black-letter law and instruction on an approach to use in solving MBE questions, with numerous visual examples. Rooted in learning science, the book facilitates student engagement, promotes deep rule understanding, increases MBE pattern recognition, and aids in critical memorization efforts. The book was written with frequent co-author, Mary Basick, and they presented on their MBE teaching methodology at the May 2021 AASE Conference in the session “Maximizing MBE Success in a Post-COVID World.” Utilizing the book principles with their students last year led to substantially increased MBE scores.

For more than a dozen years, Tina has designed numerous academic and bar exam support programs, created innovative curricula, directed bar preparation programs and pre-admission law school programs, taught courses and workshops in all bar-tested subjects, and published books that enable students to pass the bar exam. In addition to the new MBE book, Tina has also co-authored the popular bar preparation books Essay Exam Writing for the California Bar Exam and California Performance Test Workbook: Preparation for the Bar Exam. Both books are published with Wolters Kluwer and are in their second edition. Through her publications, she hopes to provide the tools necessary for bar takers nationwide to succeed on the bar exam.

Tina is a gifted and devoted legal educator who goes the extra mile and works tirelessly for her students’ success. She is always generous in sharing her knowledge and collaborating with colleagues. Tina has worked with several schools to create curriculum that has enabled at-risk students to succeed in law school. Her innovative curriculum has resulted in increased bar passage rates for several law schools.