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Sarah Schendel

Associate Professor

Suffolk University Law School

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Sarah was honored at AALS as a Trailblazer with the following tribute: “It is our opinion that Sarah embodies the scholarly engagement and advocacy that we value in our Section and ASP community. She is entering her fifth year of Academic Support teaching, and she has made a name for herself and increased the presence of ASP scholarship. She has published a total of three law review articles in 2020-2021, and all have been well-placed. Sarah is a vocal advocate on blogs and social media for bar takers and especially for those unsuccessful on the exam. For all of these reasons, Professor Schendel is an ASP trailblazer who is helping to make greater inroads for the academic support profession and our quest for status parity in the legal academy.”

As noted by AALS, Sarah has been an impressively busy scholar and has contributed much to our field by producing excellent scholarship on various topics related to academic support. During the short period from 2020-2021, she published the following law review articles: Listen! Amplifying the Experiences of Black Law School Graduates in 2020, 100 Neb. L. Rev. (2021);The Pandemic Syllabus, 98 Denv. L. Rev. F. (2020); and What You Don’t Know (Can Hurt You): Using Exam Wrappers to Foster Self-Assessment Skills in Law Students, 40 Pace L. Rev. Vol. 154 (2020). She is especially proud that she hit “accept” on her first article while holding her beloved (and at the time newborn) daughter, Stella.

Sarah has several finished projects that will be published shortly. Look for the forthcoming article, “Due Dates in the Real World: Extensions, Equity, and the Hidden Curriculum,” which will be published in the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics this Spring. She also has a short essay coming out in the next volume of Legal Writing: Journal of the Legal Writing Institute, titled “The Medium Is the Message: A Summer Book Club on Abolition.”

Sarah also has two book chapters in the works: the first is a rewritten SCOTUS opinion for the Feminist Judgements: Immigration Law volume, and the second is an essay on incorporating mental health issues into the Professional Responsibility curriculum. The impressive list above is only a sampler of Sarah’s recent contributions to our field. Sarah also has other publications and blog posts and is a frequent presenter. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

Sarah says that while she has come to love writing and takes pride in her publications, she knows that much of her work – and the work of so many other academic support professionals – is the unquantifiable, rewarding but exhausting, and incredibly necessary one on one work with students. She is so grateful for the academic support community that continues to provide her with guidance, support, encouragement, and wisdom.