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Liza-Jane Capatos

Assistant Director, Office of Academic & Bar Success; Associate Clinical Professor of Law

Liza-Jane Capatos

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If you attended the AASE conference in May, you likely were greeted by Liza-Jane Capatos. She, and the rest of the team at Santa Clara University School of Law, did a wonderful job welcoming AASE to Charney Hall, and the beautiful Santa Clara University campus.

Liza-Jane is an Associate Clinical Professor of Law and since 2015 has been the Assistant Director of Santa Clara Law’s Office of Academic & Bar Success (OABS). Liza-Jane specializes in academic support and is responsible for training and overseeing the Academic Success Program Fellows, who are upper-division peer mentors tasked with meeting weekly with small groups of 1Ls to provide academic skill instruction and support. She teaches Advanced Legal Writing: Bar Exam, or Santa Clara’s in-house bar writing course, Criminal Procedure: Adjudication, and Community Property. She has also recently developed and taught a Performance Test Workshop course. In collaboration with her OABS colleagues, she developed a newly approved 1L first-semester academic skills course, which debuted in Fall 2023.

Before transitioning into academia, Liza-Jane worked in Criminal Appeals. While she loved research and writing, she missed interacting with people as a part of her daily work, so she finds great professional satisfaction in teaching and advising her students. Liza-Jane particularly loves helping first-gen students acclimate and make sense of their new environment. As a first-gen student herself, Liza-Jane pairs her personal experience with her academic wisdom when working with Santa Clara’s robust first-gen student population.

Liza-Jane lives in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains, where she can smell the redwood trees daily, with her family, which includes two children and a small zoo (a dog, a cat, a hamster, a bearded dragon, and two chickens). She is also a talented artist and creates watercolors and ceramics in her limited free time.