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Jenny Lane

Assistant Dean of Academic Success

Elon University School of Law

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There are those who pursue the law as a means to be an advocate for others.  There are those who want to teach and mentor.  Jenny Lane never thought the pursuits were mutually exclusive.  As 2015 graduate of Elon University School of Law, Jenny practiced general public interest law with Legal Aid, and later narrowed her practice area to elder abuse. Lane had a fulfilling practice advocating for elders in North Carolina, educating them about strategies to protect themselves. But, when she received a phone call to return to her alma mater to teach, she was instantly confident that it was the right move for her to make.  Teaching and academic support of law students had always been a passion she was interested in further exploring.

Lane had already served as a Academic Teaching Fellow while a student at Elon Law, and with the familiarity, she jumped right into program and became an academic advocate for current students.  Lane currently serves as the Director of Bar Exam Success Programs.  In the role, she works with students, coaching them on how to prepare for success on the bar exam.  She offers workshops on how to seek bar admission, and strategies for strong performance on the exam itself.

Earlier this year, Lane, along with her colleagues, co-presented Technology Tools to Support Bar Exam Preparation at the South Florida Regional ASP Conference.  The presentation focused on the pros and cons of utilizing Remind for text messaging, Canva for creating visual study skill graphics, and Kahoot! to gamify information for students enrolled in bar prep courses prior to graduation.  Lane and her colleagues are hopeful to present on the same topic at future ASP conferences and through publications.

In the academic year ahead, Lane expects to continue to offer workshops and get inside the classroom as much as possible.  When asked for her opinion on the most rewarding part of being an ASPer, Lane said, “Connecting with students.  Watching them succeed and become more-self directed.  Witnessing the professional development.”  Thank you, Jenny, for your service to your students and being a role model for other ASPers.  As you celebrate the milestone first five years in ASP, we hope you have many more in you.