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Bryan McDermott

Director for Academic Affairs

Catholic University of America, Columbus School of

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Common attributes of ASPers include “student-focused, hard working, and dependable.” These words describe so many of our AASE community so well: superheroes doing important work, but not seeking recognition.  Bryan McDermott is an ASP superhero who deserves recognition. Bryan McDermott currently serves as Assistant Dean for Academic and Bar Support at the Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law—his alma mater.  He oversees all bar passage efforts, provides academic support, and is responsible for management of the externship program and experiential curriculum.

Prior to returning to Catholic, Bryan served as a judicial clerk in the Montgomery County, Maryland Circuit Court and practiced insurance defense at a small Montgomery County law firm. While the work provided many opportunities for professional development and learning, he found the work unengaging. As happens with many in ASP, a new job was posted at his alma mater with emphasis on academic support and bar passage. Bryan applied, was offered the position, and began a career transition. Having begun at the ground floor, he now acts as one of the school’s key leaders in welcoming new students and leading them through their academic journey all the way to bar passage.

The key to finding fulfillment in his current role is witnessing the academic success of his students as they journey from 1L orientation all the way through bar admission. Bryan’s greatest joy is reviewing bar pass lists, and seeing his students. These names appear because of the attention Bryan gives his students, how hard he works, and his steady and reliable presence at the Columbus School of Law. Thank you, Bryan, for your superhero work.  You deserve this recognition for your contribution to the ASP community.