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Allie Robbins

Interim Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Law

CUNY School of Law

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Allie Robbins is a well-known contributor to the Academic Support community and we congratulate her on her recent promotion at CUNY. Effective January 1, 2021, Allie was named the Interim Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Allie is well-liked and respected by students and colleagues alike, and was voted Outstanding Professor of the Year in 2019.

Allie has a history and passion for helping others. Her early scholarship focused on issues pertaining to employee rights, particularly marginalized workers in the garment industry. As she has devoted herself to working in the Academic Support field, her passion has been directed into preparing CUNY students to pass the bar exam. To that end she authored a bar prep reference guide, Passing The Bar: A Quick Reference Guide for Today’s Law Student, and writes and edits The Activist Guide to Passing the Bar Blog.

Allie recently wrote a creative piece for the COVID Care Symposium titled, Everything I Know about Teaching Was Reinforced by Auditing Remote Kindergarten.  Allie was inspired watching her son’s kindergarten class and identified six parallels between his class and what she knows about good class design. Her most recent article, Preventing Attrition: Critical Interventions to Close the Racial Gap in Non-Transfer Attrition, explores the hot topic issue of the high non-transfer attrition rate for students of color and provides concrete suggestions law schools can implement to close the attrition gap, which includes among other suggestions, greater faculty engagement in teaching metacognition and academic skills. Allie also co-authored another recent article, Measuring Law Student Success from Admissions Through Bar Passage: More Data the Bench, Bar and Academy Need to Know, which analyzed data pursuant to various factors and their relationship to bar passage at two schools over seven years, finding LSAT scores had a relatively low predictive value for bar passage.