Member Spotlight

Taylor Israel

Director of Academic Support and Bar Preparation

Thomas Jefferson School of Law

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Taylor Israel’s journey to ASP is similar to many ASPers. We are engaged with our legal education as a student, and, after a period of time following bar licensure, we return to legal education to find professional fulfillment. Returning to legal education becomes a celebrated homecoming. This journey has nuances for each person, and Taylor’s story provides insight on how impactful the gravitational forces are that bring us to the profession.

Taylor received her JD from the University of San Diego School of Law. As a student, she had the opportunity to be a student representative for one of the major commercial bar review courses, and later worked as a full-time staff member for that same company. But, when an opportunity presented itself to return to her alma mater to fill a temporary vacancy, Taylor leaped at the chance. Eventually, Taylor found her current home at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, and currently serves as the school’s Director of Academic Success and Bar Preparation. In summer of 2022, she was promoted to a faculty position, giving the school’s ASPers a voice in faculty meetings and votes. She was also recently voted Full Time Faculty Member of the Year by the student body.

Taylor leads a team of two others in her office. As the office’s leader, she tries to be a good role model of work-life balance. As a part of that balance, Taylor recognizes the importance of celebrating wins, including the completed bar licensure of her students. In 2020, Taylor organized virtual swearing in ceremonies for the students unable to have a in-person ceremony. Creating these smaller swearing in ceremonies was rewarding for both her, and the students. When asked why her office orchestrates these and not another, Taylor replied, “Our job is licensure, not just the bar exam.  We want to see the job done all the way.” Taylor has possibly discovered the most effective way to mentor future ASPers to come home to ASP.