Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

Get to know AASE's members — people who are leading the charge and learn from their stories.

Each month AASE selects a handful of members to spotlight for their achievements, including successes in the classroom, in law school administration, in advancing academic support’s pedagogy and mission, in scholarship, and for many other types of accomplishments.

Zachary Lindesmith

Assistant Director of Academic Success

Zach returned to his Alma Mater as the Assistant Director of Academic Success in October of 2022 and immediately jumped into the space where ASP meets diversity.

Liza-Jane Capatos

Assistant Director, Office of Academic & Bar Success; Associate Clinical Professor of Law

Liza-Jane Capatos served us well as AASE’s Host School Representative for the 2023 Annual Conference.

Steven Foster

Director of Academic Achievement

Steven Foster has long been an inspirational leader in the Academic Support community and in recognition of his many contributions, he received the 2023 AASE Inspiration Award.

Taylor Israel

Director of Academic Support and Bar Preparation

Taylor Israel currently serves as Thomas Jefferson School of Law's Director of Academic Success and Bar Preparation.

Bryan McDermott

Director for Academic Affairs

Bryan McDermott currently serves as Assistant Dean for Academic and Bar Support at the Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law.

Kris Franklin


Kris Franklin recently co-authored articles that provide practical advice for professors and students alike.

Jenny Lane

Assistant Dean of Academic Success

Jenny Lane recently celebrated her first five years as an ASPer by co-presenting at the South Florida Regional ASP Conference.

Sarah Schendel

Associate Professor

We are proud to report that the Academic Support section of AALS honored Sarah Schendel with the Trailblazer Award for 2022.

Afton Cavanaugh

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of Law

Afton Cavanaugh pioneered a new bootcamp for first-generation students and is currently writing a paper summarizing the experience.

Tania Shah

Professor of Law

In 2021, Tania Shah published the book, The Ultimate Guide to the Uniform Bar Exam, and she was promoted to Director of the Academic Success Program at Western State College of Law.

Tina Schindler

Associate Professor of Law

Tina Schindler recently published an innovative bar preparation book, MBE Decoded.

Twinette Johnson

Professor of Law/Director of Academic Success

Twinette Johnson has enjoyed a long successful career as an innovative teacher, contributing much to the Academic Success community. Twinette recently earned her Ph.D. in Public Policy.

Queena Mewers

Associate Director of Academic Skills

As a testament to her dedication to students, Queena Mewers was named Staff Member of the Year in a Student Development Role at the 2020-2021 UCI Law Leadership and Service Awards.

Brittany Raposa

Professor and Associate Director of Bar Support

The third year class at Roger Williams University, School of Law acknowledged Brittany’s teaching excellence when they voted her “Professor of the Year" for 2020-21.

Allie Robbins

Interim Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Law

Allie Robbins is a well-known contributor to the Academic Support community and we congratulate her on her recent promotion at CUNY!

Marsha Griggs

Associate Professor

American Association of Law Schools Section on Academic Support Trailblazer Award

Paula Manning

Professor of Law

American Association of Law Schools Section on Academic Support Legacy in Leadership Award