AASE actively encourages and promotes scholarship by all academic support professionals, whether that scholarship be about academic support or other topics. Academic support literature is found in a variety of formats, from books and law review articles to shorter pieces published in a variety of media. Academic support is a vibrant and growing area of scholarship, both to developing the substance of our discipline and to cementing academic support as a field of study populated by experts.


The scholarship pieces provided on this website are important for the expression of ideas that advance legal education and the legal profession.

However, the views expressed in each article are representative of the author and are not intended to represent the AASE membership.

The following is a searchable list of published work in academic support, though new scholarship is being produced every day.



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Textbooks by ASP Authors

Legal Reasoning Case Files

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Textbooks by ASP Authors

Succeeding in Law School 2nd Edition

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Equity and Status Issues

The ‘Pink Ghetto’ Pipeline: Challenges and Opportunities for Women in Legal Education

31 Pages Posted: 18 Sep, 2019
Renee Nicole Allen
Alicia Jackson
Keywords: pink ghetto, pink collar, higher education, legal education, education, status, gender equality, workplace equity, legal writing, academic support, law library, clinical faculty, feminist pedagogy, female faculty

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Legal Pedagogy and Assessment

The Science of Learning Law

5 Pages Posted: 24 Sep, 2019
Louis N. Schulze
Keywords: academic support measures, bar exam, learning law

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Bar Examination and Licensure

Leveraging Noncognitive Skills to Foster Bar Exam Success

68 Pages Posted: 18 Feb, 2020 Last revised: 19 Feb, 2020
Raul Ruiz
Keywords: noncognitive skills, metacognition, science of learning, learning psychology, educational psychology, bar exam preparation, bar prep, bar passage rates, bar exam passage, bar prep program, bar exam

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Bar Examination and Licensure

Building a Better Bar Exam

72 Pages

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Bar Examination and Licensure

An Epic Fail

50 Pages Posted: 25 Jul, 2020 Last revised: 20 Oct, 2020
Keywords: Diploma Privilege, Online Exam, Bar Exam, COVID-19, pandemic, July 2020, Epic Fail, Marsha Griggs

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Bar Examination and Licensure

Empirical Reflections: A Statistical Evaluation of Bar Exam Program Interventions

39 Pages Posted: 27 Feb, 2016 Last revised: 14 Aug, 2016
Scott Johns
Keywords: bar exam, LSAT, LGPA, law school grades, legal analysis, graduation, experiential learning, active learning, statistics, statistical analysis, regression, writing assignments, writing feedback

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Bar Examination and Licensure

We Should Not Rely on Commercial Bar Reviews to Do Our Job

65 Pages Posted: 7 Jan, 2015
Mario Mainero
Keywords: bar exam, bar passage, empirical study of bar passage, bar review, legal education reform, in-house bar preparation courses

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Bar Examination and Licensure

Will I Pass the Bar Exam?

33 Pages Posted: 5 Sep, 2016 Last revised: 27 Sep, 2017
Katherine A. Austin
Catherine Christopher
Darby Dickerson
Keywords: bar exam passage predictors, bar exam passage rate, law school success, law school success indicators, bar exam performance, student engagement