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Membership in Association of Academic Support Educators connects you to a professional organization, allowing you valuable contacts within the academic support world. Joining the organization also gives you discounted fees for AASE conferences, as well as access to our private member portal, which is stocked with handouts from the presenters at past conferences. We'd like to encourage all Academic Support Professionals to join AASE. And, if you'd like to get more involved, please join a committee. Membership fees are low and allow you to be a part of an exciting opportunity to develop and grow as a professional. 


Anyone who works in or with academic support at a qualified law school can be a member of AASE. If you have questions about the benefits of membership or whether you are eligible to become an AASE member, please contact the AASE secretary at



Members enjoy access to the “members only” section of the website, which contains teaching resources and a lively discussion board. In addition, members receive discounted registration to the annual AASE conference.  Check out the “Membership Benefits” page for a full list of member benefits.

Membership benefits last for one year from date of purchase.



If 4 or more individuals from the same institution would like to become AASE members, then an institutional membership is a great option.  Institutional membership costs $140 for the school, and is done on a rolling basis. If you are part of an institutional membership, please select a key person to be the contact for that institution.

Membership benefits last for one year from date of purchase.

 If you need to apply for a membership fee waiver for the 2024-2025 membership year, please contact the AASE treasurer at

Check out what our members say

“Membership in AASE is so much more than an impressive professional affiliation to add to your CV, though it does qualify as such. For many years Academic and Bar Support professionals gathered under the auspices of the Law School Admission Council, and when those meetings were no longer possible, ASPers -- true to form -- created a new way to come together. So AASE grew from a genuine desire to spend time together, to share ideas, and to support one another as we support our students and schools. AASE stood for togetherness, and it still does; it is a safe harbor in which we can pause, rest, and revive, adding some new improvements to our vessels before heading back out to the often-churning sea of our vital work. I am so grateful for my AASE family and the sincere friendships we built and continue to build there...and sure, it's nice addition to our CVs, too.”
“Whether you have been directing an ASP Program for decades or are brand new to the field, membership in AASE is a must. Joining AASE gives you access to ASP Professionals from across the country who are very generous with their time and expertise. As for our annual conference, it is designed to ensure that every attendee heads home with multiple ideas that they can implement immediately. I can’t imagine working in the ASP field and not being a member of AASE.”
Herbert Ramy, Professor and ASP Director at Suffolk University Law School.

AASE Member since its inception.