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Tania Shah

Professor of Law

Western State University School of Law


Tania is currently the Director of Academic Support and a full-time law professor at Western State College of Law as part of Westcliff University in Irvine, California and is a legal instructor at Washington University School of Law in their Master of Legal Studies Program. Tania also teaches for the Law Division of Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing supplemental educational and career support to incoming Ivy League law students from underserved communities.

Tania owns LawTutors, LLC (a legal education company), Shah Law, LLC (a business law firm) and is co-owner of In The Know Legal (a legal template company).

Tania graduated from U.C. Berkeley, where she was a commencement speaker, and Boston University School of Law.

Tania's dog, Toothless Johnny, is the Chief Dog Officer (CDO) of everything.

Fun Facts fun facts

After 23 years in Boston, Tania got "stuck" in California while visiting due to the pandemic. She is still there.