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Chelsea Baldwin


Washburn University School of Law


Chelsea has joined the faculty at Washburn University of School of Law in 2022 and is serving as a Visiting Assistant Professor and the Assistant Director of of Academic Enrichment and Bar Passage. She has been a member of AASE since its inception in 2013. Currently, she and Mary Basick are serving as co-chairs of the Online Presence Committee.

She has pieces in The Learning Curve about "Conformity and Rebellion in Outlining," "Helping Students Regain Confidence in Executive Functioning Skills," and "Lived Experience Provides Meaning in a World of Fiction." Her 2021 AASE presentation focused on ASP workflows and longitudinal tracking and addressed the use of technology to streamline data collection, streamline workflow when serving students over numerous encounters, and ways to identify and provide interventions for students with documented skills or knowledge gaps. Prior to that she has presented on categories of interference students experience that detract from their performance, teaching outlining skills, teaching note-taking skills, and stereotype threat in law schools.

Fun Facts fun facts

Chelsea's first W-4 job was at a now defunct video rental store.