Marsha Griggs

Associate Professor of Law and Director of Academic Support and Bar Passage

Washburn University School of Law


Marsha Griggs is an Associate Professor at Washburn School of Law where she directs the Academic Support and Bar Readiness programs. Professor Griggs earned her juris doctor from Notre Dame Law School and her undergraduate degree from Northwestern University. She has published extensively in the are of bar exam reform and legal licensure policy. Her works appear in Texas A&M Law ReviewS.M.U. Law ReviewHarvard Law Review OnlineNorthwestern Law Review Of Note, and multiple media outlets. She is a member of the Collaboratory on Legal Education and Licensing for Practice.

Fun Facts fun facts

Marsha is in the Texas Jury Verdicts Hall of Fame

Her favorite domestic vacation spot is Bar Harbor, Maine

She loves road trips and has a combined 340,000 miles on her personal vehicles