Scholarship Committee

Mission: The mission of the Scholarship committee is to promote scholarship and empirical research in areas related to academic support, academic achievement in law school, and bar passage and to support AASE members in all scholastic endeavors. Those who work in ASP are generally required to be engaged with students year round–whether in pre-law programs, during semester teaching, or in bar preparation. This near-constant engagement often results a dearth of time and mental space for scholarly writing; the initiatives advanced by the Scholarship Committee aim to bridge this gap. The Committee seeks to strongly affirm the value of ASP contributions to the scholarly and empirical discourse, and works towards practical solutions to provide these opportunities to members.

Initiatives: The Scholarship Committee engages in several initiatives throughout the course of the year for AASE members who are interested in developing and publishing scholarly articles. These include:

  • Administering a process for granting writing scholarships when applicable
  • Providing opportunities for members to enhance scholarship

Committee Chair

Catherine Christopher


Texas Tech University School of Law