Programming Committee

Mission: The mission of the Programming Committee is to ensure that the annual national AASE conference is well-planned and well-managed, so that conference attendees can participate in high-quality educational programs, engage with colleagues in networking and mentorship opportunities, and interact with sponsors and vendors.

The Programming Committee undertakes the following tasks to facilitate the annual national conference:

  • Works with the Host School Representative to secure vendors for the conference
  • Works with the Host School Representative to draft a conference budget
  • Secures sponsors to cover as much of the conference cost as possible (excess revenue from the conference will be used to support the Association’s training and operational goals)
  • Reports on conference planning to the Board via the Host School Representative
  • Helps respond to and facilitate sponsor questions and requests
  • Prepares and disseminates a call for proposals
  • Chooses presentations
  • Prepares the conference schedule
  • Works with the Online Presence Committee on conference registration
  • Assists the Host School Representative on communicating with selected presenters
  • Arranges social and professional settings for networking
  • Assists the Host School Representative with the execution of the conference
  • Debriefs following the conference on successes and failures and submits am email report to the board recommending any changes for future conference planning surveys the membership about their conference experience directly after the annual conference.

Committee Chair

Antonia Miceli

Professor, Director of Academic and Bar Success

Saint Louis University School of Law

Megan Kreminski

Assistant Director, Academic Achievement

University of Illinois Chicago School of Law