Programming Committee

Mission: The mission of the Programming Committee is to ensure that the annual national AASE conference is well-planned and well-managed, so that conference attendees can participate in high-quality educational programs, engage with colleagues in networking and mentorship opportunities, and interact with sponsors and vendors. To that end, the Programming committee prepares and disseminates a call for proposals, chooses presentations, prepares the conference schedule, and arranges social and professional settings for networking.

Purpose: The purpose of the annual AASE conference is to assemble the membership at a site designated by the Executive Board.  The Conference includes the Association’s annual business meeting.  It also provides professional-development opportunities with an emphasis on academic support and current issues, and the community is afforded an occasion opportunities to review, evaluate and recommend future directions for critical issues facing the Association and the profession.

Evaluation: The success of the annual conference is measured by the written evaluations provided by conference attendees.  Excess revenue from the conference will be used to support the Association’s training and operational goals.

Reporting: Because the annual national conference is the Association’s largest expense, the Programming Committee’s Conference Chair is in regular communication with the President and the Executive Board regarding Programming. The Chair prepares a report for each Executive Board meeting and obtains a report from each sub-committee chair, to be included in the general report to the Executive Board after the conference concludes.

Committee Chair

Joni Wiredu

Senior Director

American University Washington College of Law