Bar Advocacy Committee

Mission: The mission of the Bar Advocacy Committee is multi-faceted: (a) to advise the AASE community as to new ABA standards and their potential effect on the community; (b) to stay abreast of developments with the NCBEX and state bar examiners; (c) to advise AASE members of developments and changes in testing procedures and practices coming from the NCBEX and to advocate to the NCBEX on behalf of AASE and its members; (d) to advise the AASE community about rules and regulations that pertain to the bar exam and bar admission; (e) to advocate for change in national and state regulatory policies to better serve the needs of students, recent graduates, and, legal educators; (f) to liaison with various stakeholders, including the ABA, NCBE, LSAC, AALS, DOE, and state bar associations to further the best interests of our students and the profession; (g) to ensure best practices with respect to the relationship among students, graduates, the AASE community, and law schools with respect to commercial bar review vendors, and, (h) to explore and suggest ways in which AASE can become more active in furthering the interests of its members with respect to bar exam issues and in representing those interests to the wider legal academic community.

Committee Chair

Marsha Griggs

Associate Professor

Washburn School of Law

Committee Co-Chair

Ashley London

Director of Bar Studies, Assistant Professor of Legal Skills

Ashley M. London