Bar Advocacy Committee

Mission: The Bar Advocacy Committee represents the interests and subject matter expertise of AASE to the wider legal academic and professional communities through scholarship, expert commentary, editorials, proposals and other means. The Committee’s mission is to promote state and national regulatory policies to equitably serve the needs of law students, recent law graduates, and, legal educators.

The Committee

  • Monitors developments in jurisdictional licensure requirements, including bar exam format, content, and mode of administration;
  • Advises the AASE board of developments and changes in licensure requirements and testing procedures and practices;
  • Advocates on behalf of AASE and its members regarding legal education standards and licensure requirements;
  • Acts liaison to various stakeholders, including but not limited to, the ABA Council for Legal Education, AALS, CLEA, LSAC, NCBE, and SALT.

Committee Chair

Steven Foster

Director of Academic Achievement

Oklahoma City University School of Law