Assessment Committee

Mission: Consistent with AASE’s mission to foster and promote the professional development of its members, and to enable and encourage research-based teaching methods, the Assessment Committee exists to support and promote the assessment of programmatic effectiveness.

Purpose: The committee’s purpose is to facilitate a culture that recognizes the importance of research-based assessment and appreciates its role in developing professional and programmatic excellence.

Goal: The goal of the Assessment Committee is to foster an environment of continuous improvement by identifying, communicating and promoting research-based best practices in assessment.

Responsibilities: The AASE Assessment Committee will focus on:

  • Developing periodic national surveys and/or other forms of assessment using research-based best practices to evaluate, academic success and bar support programmatic effectiveness, current trends and practices in our profession, teaching excellence, and student outcomes.
  • Reviewing and sharing the data collected about best practices and existing resources with AASE members and other interested professionals.
  • Providing opportunities for dialogue about programmatic, teaching, and student outcome assessment.
  • Showcasing outstanding programmatic, teaching, and student outcome assessment practices and achievements.
  • Creating a centralized resource for information about research-based assessment.
  • Developing a five-year plan for the committee; and
  • Reporting to the AASE President as needed and providing a written annual report of Committee activities.

Committee Chair

Anne Johnson

Adjunct Professor of Law and Assistant Director of Academic Success

Mercer University School of Law