Assessment Committee

Mission: Consistent with AASE’s mission to foster and promote the professional development of its members, and to enable and encourage research-based teaching methods, the Assessment Committee exists to support and promote the assessment of programmatic effectiveness.

Purpose: The committee’s purpose is to facilitate a culture that recognizes the importance of research-based assessment and appreciates its role in developing professional and programmatic excellence.

Goal: The goal of the Assessment Committee is to foster an environment of continuous improvement by identifying, communicating and promoting research-based best practices in assessment.

Responsibilities: The committee focus during 2016-2018 will be on a national survey of academic support and bar support programs to provide data on current trends and practices in our profession.

  • Identify research-based best practices in assessment of programmatic effectiveness, teaching excellence, and student outcomes.
  • Create a centralized resource for information about research-based assessment.
  • Share information about best practices and existing resources with AASE members and other interested professionals.
  • Provide opportunities for dialogue about programmatic, teaching, and student outcome assessment.
  • Showcase outstanding programmatic, teaching, and student outcome assessment practices and achievements.
  • Report to the AASE Chair as needed, and provide a written annual report of Committee activities.

Chair Members

Anne Johnson

Adjunct Professor of Law and Assistant Director of Academic Success

Mercer University School of Law
Dyann Margolis, Charleston School of Law