Impact Awards

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The purpose of the AASE Excellence Awards

The purpose of the AASE Excellence Awards is to recognize the meaningful work that academic support educators do for their students, for the legal profession, and for one another. The purpose of the awards is not just to recognize outstanding contributions to the academic support community over the course of a long career, but also to recognize the significant contributions of early- and mid-career academic support professors. Members can be nominated in a number of different areas:

  • Specific ideas or innovations, whether disseminated through academic writing, newsletters, conference presentations or over the listserv
  • Specific services to the profession, e.g., advocacy with the NCBE, etc.
  • Providing services to students
  • Promoting diversity in the profession and expanding access to the legal profession
  • Mentoring and supporting others in ASP

2022 Award Recipients

2021 Award Recipients

Dena Sonbol — Institutional Leadership Award

Lesa Byrnes — Student Support & Impact Award

Paulina Davis — Mentorship Award

Kirsha Trychta — Impact Award

2019 Award Recipients

Amy Jarmon — ASP Inspiration Award

Herb Ramy — Enhancements in ASP Award

Jendayi Saada — Spirit of ASP Award

Shane Dizon — Guiding Light Award

Raul Ruiz — ASP Innovator Award

Kent Lollis — Order of Distinction

2018 Award Recipients

Nancy Luebbert

2017 Award Recipients

Elizabeth Bloom

Reichi Lee

Joanna Harvest Koren

Rules and Policies:

Recognition may be given to more than one individual or group in any of these categories, and no category requires an award in any one year. AASE fully recognizes just how many ASP educators have made heroic contributions to their students and to the profession. For these reasons, the Awards Committee will consider all nominations received, while keeping in mind there must be a reasonable limit for awards in any one year. Anyone in law school academic support may offer nominations, but current AASE Board members and AASE Awards Committee members are ineligible for recognition. Awards recipients must be members of AASE at the time an award is bestowed.

In selecting award recipients, the AASE Awards Committee adheres to the following policies:

  • AASE should recognize members’ valuable contributions to law school academic support.
  • AASE awards should have as an important objective the recognition of early and mid-career ASP professors.
  • AASE Awards should be for specific work or in specific categories.
  • The goal of AASE awards should be honoring contributions, not covering categories.